Verifiying your Bank Account

Verifiying bank account number:

You can verify your bank account by sending small amount of money, like 1USD from your credit card to your account. After a day or two you should check account, if money is received or not.

Payment details

Live-aboard operator accept following payment metods:

No payment needed today. You'll pay when you stay.
Your card won't be charged, we only need your card details to guarantee your booking.
You can cancel or change your booking easily and for free! Simply follow the link from your confirmation email.

Set test amount

Selected amount will be transfered from credit card to your bank account
Please check next day or day after if money is received on your Account.
If money is received; check Account verified in your main Account / section Payout information
If money is NOT received; check for typos, contact your bank and/or contact us