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Prepare images for Dive Site Galleries

Instructions are written for Windows operating system. If you are using Mac, procedure should be similar.

Those are instructions I am using, however you can take completely different approach, you are familiar with.

1. Prepare folders

To keep all images organized I suggest flowing procedure, market with RED dots:

1. Create main folder and rename it like your dive center name
2. Create Gallery folder and copy (copy and not move) all images you would like to use
3. Create for each dive site their own directory with dive site name

2. Change View

Inside your main gallery folder click on right mouse button, sub-menu will open. Select View and after that Large icons.

Use right mouse click on empty space inside gallery folder, if mouse is positioned over image you will get different sub-menu.

3. Delete portrait images

ScubaDiveMaps image gallery for dive sites accept only landscape oriented photos. Thus please delete all images which are portrait oriented – in our example market with RED dot.

4. Check image dimensions

ScubaDiveMaps image gallery for dive sites accept only landscape oriented photos, image dimensions should not be below 1500px wide and 1000px height.
Hover wit the mouse over the image and image dimensions should be shown. Delete all images whose image dimensions do not satisfy minimum resolution requirements.

If image dimensions will not show up, right click on the image, sub-menu will open, select Properties.

5. Copy images to dive site folders

Now all images are correctly selected, checked if any duplicate, checked for correct orientation and dimensions.
Copy those image to prepared dive site folders.
I suggest 6 images minimum for each gallery to be prepared. That way gallery have some functionality. If only one image per dive site is uploaded, gallery is actually not a gallery – but still better us no image at all.

Now, when all images are prepared, you can go back to add dive sites:
Add dive sites