How does it work? – Dive Center

1. Open an Account

Click on the link “Dive Center/Live-aboard/Dive resort” in the footer of our pages. A small form will open. Put in your name, e-mail, dive center website and the user name that you would like to use with your account.

Required time: 1 – 3 minutes

2. Add Dive-Center content

Click on the link “Add new dive center”. Forms will be generated enabling you to enter all detailed information about your dive center, GPS location, image gallery, prices, season time and season discounts, payment and cancellation terms for your guests.
At the end; click on the check-box “Activate/Publish Dive Center”.
Note: rename your images with some meaningful text, because those names will be shown in galleries.

Required time: 30 – 60 minutes (if images are available and if you use copy/paste text from your website)

3. Dive Courses (optional)

When you activate Dive Center, new tabs “Dive Sites” and “Dive Courses” will be generated. Click on the link “Add new dive course” and fill up forms.

Required time: 5 – 15 minutes for each dive course

4. Dive Sites (optional)

Click on the link “Add new dive site” and fill up forms. If your dive site presentation is supported by image gallery, tagged images, videos, information on the marine life found there and detailed description, our search engine will place your dive center higher in search results.

Required time: 15 – 45 minutes for each dive site

5. Recommended Hotels (optional)

Click on the link “Add new recommended hotel” and fill up forms.

Time you need: 2 – 3 minutes for each recommended hotel

6. Receiving bookings

When booking is generated by website visitors you get an e-mail message with a link to the booking specification. You will be required to either confirm or reject the Booking request within the next 24 hours, otherwise the Booking request will automatically expire.
If booking is received for dive products and accommodation, confirmation must be received from the Dive center and property manager within 24 hours.

7. Commission payment

Invoices for Commission are processed on a monthly basis and sent to you via e-mail. Invoices include bookings in a calendar month that contain the departure date of the Diver (save for free cancellations made through ScubaDiveMaps™).

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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