Help – Room availability

Room availability table

For each date; price, availability and discount (if any) should be set for each room type. If your room supports sharing or single supplement option, prices are calculated based on your settings.

How does it work?

Table is using predefined settings while setting up prices and availability:
– Rooms; you have to add all room types, application will use info’s like: number of rooms, single occupancy (ON or OFF), single supplement charge (in %), room sharing (ON or OFF)
– Prices; room prices for each room type should be previously set
– Season; if prices vary according to season times, season times and season discount should be set properly (in your main Hotel forms / section Season).
If those properties are not set correctly, prices within table will not be generated correctly.

Price control

You can control individual prices with discount setup.
Change discounts
Discounts could be set to selected time frame. Further you can select discounts to specific room type or booking status. This is very powerful toll to take care, that all your vessel capacities are sold.

Available rooms

This is where you control, how many free rooms are available for guests to book. If value is set to 0, all rooms of this type are considered us full.
However, to control up to-date availability, you do need to change values, when new booking is received outside our booking channel. To solve this problem, our booking engine request for each booking, received from our guests your confirmations. So, there is no need to control status of available cabins on daily basis. However, we do appreciate, that you update availability schedule from time to time.

If there are any questions, please contact us.