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Edit published Dive Site

1. Login to Account Dashboard

You have problems with that?

Help – Login to Account Dashboard

2. Go to Dive Site Edit page

– 1. Click the Edit “Dive Site name” link in the Quick Links tab marked with RED dot 1
– 2. or, if Quick Links tab is disabled, only standard WordPress user interface is available: hover with the mouse over Dive Site (left side of the screen) and new links will open – click the link All Dive Sites – marked with RED dot 2.

If you clicked the link marked with No. 2: you will be redirected to All dive sites published page.

Hover with the mouse over dive site name and new links will be shown. Click the Edit link marked with RED dot

3. Collapse all tabs

Click on arrows marked with RED dots to collapse all tabs.

You will get clear view of all options within Dive Site edit page.

4. Open individual tabs

Click on arrows of the section you would like to edit.

In our example Marine life tab is open – giving you access to select marine life found while diving at this dive site.

When you review, change and save all settings, close the tab and open next one.