Help – Cruise schedule

Cruise schedule

Schedule consist of depart dates. For each depart date; price, availability and discount (if any) should be set for each cabin type. If your cabin support sharing or single supplement option, prices are calculated based on those settings.

Automated vs. manual schedule entry

If your vessel has different cabin types, for each cabin type price and availability should be set. And if depart times are in regular intervals like each Monday, a lot of repeated work has to be done.
Automated schedule generation is application, developed by us, which manipulate your entire schedule scheme with few clicks.

Automated schedule – how does it work?

Automated schedule generation is using your predefined settings:
– Cabins; you have to add all cabin types, application will use info’s like: number of cabins, single occupancy (ON or OFF), single supplement charge (in %), cabin sharing (ON or OFF)
– Prices; tour price for each room type should be previously set
– Season; if prices vary according to season times, season times and season discount should be set properly (in your main Live-aboard forms / section Season).
If those properties are not set correctly, prices within schedule will not be generated correctly and you have to correct them manually.

P.S.: if you do not make cabin prices correctly, and you would like to correct them, you do not have access back to prices. To get access, enter 2 lines in schedule – now system will allow you to go to Preview section, here you have access back to prices. Correct those prices and continue with schedule.

Automated schedule functions

Fill up schedule
Enter start date, end date and repeat period. Check “Check box” and press proceed.
If your cruise is not repeated in standard intervals, you should set interval shorter or set start and end date same, to generate schedule for individual date only.
Delete entries in schedule
All entries in schedule will be deleted within selected time frame.
Regenerate all prices
Use this application to regenerate schedule with new prices. Use it, when you change cabin prices or middle/low season discounts or or middle/low season time frames. Data like discounts and cabins available will be preserved.
Change discounts
Discounts could be set to selected time frame. Further you can select discounts to specific cabin type or booking status. This is very powerful toll to take care, that all your vessel capacities are sold.

P.S.: experiment for a while with all functions to became familiar with all possibilities.

Available cabins

This is where you control, how many free places are available for divers to book. If value is set to 0, all cabins of this type are full.
However, to control up to-date availability, you do need to change values, when new booking is received outside our booking channel. To solve this problem, our booking engine request for each booking, received from our guests your confirmations. So, there is no need to control status of available cabins on daily basis. However, we do appreciate, that you update or delete fully booked cruises from schedule from time to time.

If there are any questions, please contact us.