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Add dive site Basic in 10 minutes

Difference between Basic and PRO setup

Basic setup:

– Quick dive site setup and activation
– Dive site can be updated later on with all PRO features

– Very little or no search results in
– Search position within ScubaDiveMaps platform is lower, probably on the bottom of the page or at the last page

PRO setup:

– Improved search results within (about 100X more search results compared to basic setup)
– Higher search position within ScubaDiveMaps platform
– Quality of presentation on ScubaDiveMaps platform improved(image and video gallery, marine life found, best time to visit …)

– Much more time needed to set up everything
– High resolution images needed (min size 1500 X 1000 px, landscape orientation)

Basic vs. PRO dive site presentation

Dive sites where your guests make most dives should be presented with all features (PRO setup)
If your dive center/liveaboard has a lot of dive sites on your repertory, dive sites which are not so often visited or not so interested, can be presented with basic features only.

Time you need:

Basic: you will probably spent 15 minutes for the first dive site (to get familiar with user interface) and 5 – 10 minutes for each subsequent.
PRO: you will probably spent 45 minutes for the first dive site and 20 – 30 minutes for each subsequent.

Within your presentation page, dive site sorting is based on the information quality posted; so dive sites with image gallery or marine life selection will be posted higher us dive sites without those information.
The same applies to the search results within scubadivemaps booking search engine; dive operators presented with great dive sites will be listed on first pages or at the top.

1. Preparations

Before staring publishing dive sites you should make some preparations us follows:
1. Make a list (dive site names) of all dive sites you offer to divers
2. For each dive site you publish following information’s are requested:
– dive depth (from, to)
– level of difficulty (snorkelers, beginner divers, experienced divers)
– one representative image minimum size 480 px X 320 px
– description text
– GPS location (not in numbers, you move RED pointer on Google maps to the right position)

Note: if all those information’s are already presented within your existing website, you do not need any preparations; use copy/paste

PRO preparation

– prepare images for each dive site image gallery (landscape orientation, minimum resolution 1500 X 1000px)
– prepare dive site description text translated in different languages

Help – prepare images for Dive Site Galleries

2. Login to Account Dashboard

You have problems with that?
Help – Login to Account Dashboard

3. Start to add new Dive Site

You will get to the Dashboard page. On this page you can manage all your bookings, view all posts within Quick Links tab and view recommendations to improve your presentation. Everything you need is here!

There are 3 different ways to add new dive site, all marked with RED dot.

4. Dive site Edit page

Now you are redirected to dive site edit page. Within this page you will find all setting to properly promote your dive site.

4.1 Dive site basic info’s

Follow RED dot markers and numbers:

– 1. Add dive site name
– 2. Select dive site association
– 3. Type in Deep from
– 4. Type in Deep to
– 5. Select Level of difficulty
– 6. Browse and select image file
– 7. on Google maps click the Satellite button
– 8. Move RED pointer to the exact location. Use +/- buttons to zoom in/out
– 9. Click the Save button

Dive zone:

Now you will be asked to select dive zone.

Select dive zone from the pull-down menu and click the Save and continue to Dive Site Description button.

Possible Errors

In general

If, when you press SAVE button some main data are missing, you will get those section colored with light red color

Image is wrong size

Representative image for dive site should have minimal dimensions 480px wide and 320px high. If image does not have those minimum requirements error will be generated. You should delete this image by hovering with mouse over the image and clicking on X letter – marked with RED dot.

4.2 Dive site description

Type in or copy/paste dive site description, select dive type and click the Save button

Select dive type.

PRO setup: add info about visibility, current, boat drive duration, best time to visit

4.3 Dive site images – gallery

PRO setup: upload images for dive site gallery

4.4 Marine life

PRO setup: select marine life

4.5 Dive site videos

PRO setup: search YouTube and add share links

4.6 Tag images

PRO setup: tag images

4.7 Multi language support

PRO setup: copy/paste text translated in different languages

4.8 Edit/Publish/Activate dive site

When you select checkbox (marked with RED dot) and click the Save button, dive site becomes active and published!