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Add Dive Cruise

1. Login to Account Dashboard

You have problems with that?

Help – Login to Account Dashboard

2. Start to add new Dive Cruise

You will get to the Dashboard page. On this page you can manage all your bookings, view all posts within Quick Links tab and view recommendations to improve your presentation. Everything you need is here!

Add new Dive Cruise

Open Quick Links tab and click the button Add Dive Cruise, marked with the RED dot.

3. Dive Cruise Edit page

Now you are redirected to Dive Cruise edit page. Within this page you will find all settings to properly setup dive cruise.

3.1 Association and Featured image

Follow RED dot markers:

Add dive cruise name, association, cruise type and upload featured image.

Possible Errors

If there are errors or missing info, all those instances will be indicated with message in light red box with red text.

3.2 Dive cruise info

Here you will define your dive center with description text, facilities available, languages spoken.

3.3 Departure and return port GPS position

Click the Satellite button on Google map and move the red pointer (marked with RED dot 1) to the exact location. You can help yourself with + and and Satellite buttons on Google map (marked with GREEN dots), to navigate to the exact location.
Click the Save button (marked with RED dot 2)

3.4 Itinerary

Basic description of dive cruise is required.
Itinerary is optional, however recommended. If you know the exact itinerary for whole dive trip, you can add description for each day. If itinerary often change because of weather condition or divers wishes you can add itinerary only for those days, you are about to be sure like first and last day, days in between will be grouped together automatically. If you are not sure how this will look like, you can try to add it and click “view dive cruise“, to see the end result.

3.5 Included, not included and extra charges

3.6 Set default prices

If no cabins is added, you should click button Add cabins. You will be redirected to cabins set up pages. Add all cabins, then return back and press Save. Cabins will show up.

Set default price per cabin. This prices together with season discount will be used while generating schedule table. So you do not need to type price for each cabin and each departure again and again.

3.7 Dive cruise schedule table

If you provide XML link, our application will pull out prices, availability and depart times automatically.

If not, you have to define depart dates. However to simplify this task we develop apps, that can do the job for you. Please try to “play” with all functions firs to get familiar with all possibilities. When you are familiar, delete all test schedules and add the real ones.

If help is needed:help-cruise-schedule

If XML link is not provided or if your available data are not accurate, you will get Booking request first. You should confirm or reject each request within next 24 hours, or booking will be deleted.

3.8 FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions


3.9 Multi-language support


3.10 Edit/Publish/Activate dive cruise

When you select checkbox (marked with RED dot) and click the Save button, dive cruise becomes active and published!