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Add Dive Center

1. Login to Account Dashboard

You have problems with that?

Help – Login to Account Dashboard

2. Start to add new Dive Center

You will get to the Dashboard page. On this page you can manage all your bookings, view all posts within Quick Links tab and view recommendations to improve your presentation. Everything you need is here!

There are 2 different ways to add new dive center

– Hover with the mouse over the Dive Centers link on the left side of the screen; sub-menus will open, click the link Add new dive center,
– or open Quick Links tab and click the button Add Dive Center, marked with the RED dot.

Dive center is already added

Click the button labeled with Add content to the Dive Center or with Edit “dive center name”, marked with the RED dot.

3. Dive Center Edit page

Now you are redirected to Dive Center edit page. Within this page you will find all settings to properly setup your dive center.

3.1 Basic info

Follow RED dot markers:

– Add dive center name, address, city, select country, reservation mail and phone
– Click the Satellite button (marked with 1) on Google map and move the red pointer (marked with 2) to the exact location
Browse and select image file
– Click the Save button

Possible Errors

In general

If there are errors or missing info, all those instances will be indicated with message in light red box with red text.

3.2 Dive center description

Here you will define your dive center with description text, facilities available, languages spoken.

3.3 Images and Video

3.4 Equipment rental


3.5 Season times


3.6 Online discounts

3.7 Stay and Dive packages

Here you can select nearby properties and hotels – based on your selection dive packages will be generated automatically.

3.8 Guest payment and cancellation terms

3.9 Frequently Asked Questions


3.10 Multi-language support


3.11 Edit/Publish/Activate dive center

When you select checkbox (marked with RED dot) and click the Save button, dive center becomes active and published!