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New Way Diving

New Way Diving address

24/2 Sairee Beach, Ban Koh Tao, Chumpong, 84360 Ban Koh Tao, Thailand

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Dive Center Highlights

New Way Diving highlights

  • In addition, our passion for diving means we want to dive good dive sites means that you really get to dive the best of the Gulf of Thailand. With 2 boats going out every day for 5 different trips, with 2 dives per trip, we confidently offer tours unique to only us.
  • We are also the only dive shop that guarantees diving at the best dive site in the Gulf of Thailand – Sail Rock – everyday (as long as the weather permits)

Dive package

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2 Dives + boat + guide (2 dives per day)

Full dive eqipment

Tank and weights only





Dive Courses

PADI Dive courses

Refresher Dive

  • Refresher dive  72USD68USD

PADI specialties

  • Deep diver  265USD252USD
  • Wreck diver  265USD252USD

SSI Dive courses

SSI Learn how to dive

  • Try Scuba  78USD74USD

SSI Advanced scuba training

  • Wreck Diving  265USD252USD

SSI Continue your diving education

  • Deep Diving  25USD24USD

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Dive Center Description

New Way Diving description

New Way Diving basic informations

We are a small dive center in Koh Tao, Thailand specializing in small groups. We are also the early birds of the island leaving at 6 am for our morning dives guaranteeing you will be the only divers on site. Join us for some amazing dives around this beautiful island.

Here at New Way our philosophy is simple, we’re the first boat on the dive site because our customers always come first. We do this not just by getting you to the dive sites before the crowds but also by providing a safe comfortable and of course fun environment for you to learn to scuba dive. Whether you are a beginner on your PADI open water course or learning to be a PADI professional, you will enjoy developing new skills and confidence with our team at New Way Diving. Here at New Way you get to see the best dive sites Koh Tao has to offer like Chumpon pinnacle, Southwest pinnacle, Shark Island and of course the best dive site in the gulf of Thailand - Sail Rock.

Our goal is to give you a personalized touch when you dive with us. New Way Diving has a maximum group size of four people. We do our confined training sessions in the ocean near the beaches of Koh Nang Yuan, Aow Leuk or Mango bay so you get to see fish from your first breaths underwater. We are one of the few dive shops that regularly go to Sail Rock ( 3 times weekly) so there’s a good chance you’ll be lucky enough to finish your 3rd and 4th dive of the open water course or do your deep dive of the advanced open water course there. Click on the link below to see why we love this dive site so Way Diving stands out for our personal approach. From the moment you set foot in our PADI 5 Star dive shop you will become part of our family. You will feel welcome. You will feel comfortable. We have a multi-lingual team but we try to teach in English as much as possible. All your training materials are available in your language, but to give you the most options in your future diving, we recommend learning in English. We can provide you with an instructor who speaks your own language and speaks English fluently so you can switch and change when required.

Our service doesn’t just stop when you get out of the water. We employ PADI Instructors and Divemasters that want to socialize and share their knowledge and experience about the island. Our staff will spend their free time with you, exploring the island, seeing a view point, or grabbing a beer with you once you come back to our little ‘temple’ of diving after your day out on the water.

What we offer

2 dive boats

pick up service from the pier

in-house NITROX

guaranteed trips to Sail Rock

New Way Diving was established in 1994 in a coconut shack on the beach. Our owner Peepan, is one of the few inhabitants of Koh Tao that was actually born on our tropical island and We’re confident that she will show you our little paradise in her own way. Welcome to the family!

Languages spoken: Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Thai

Facilities and services: Dive boat, Dive equipment shop, Equipped classroom, Gear storage lockers, Nitrox (free), Nitrox (paid) and On-site reef

Affiliation Membership: PADI and SSI

Free cancellation

Pay at dive center

Beschreibung des Tauchzentrums am Deutsch

Höhepunkte des Tauchzentrums

New Way Diving highlights

  • Jeden Tag nur einkaufen, um Sail Rock zu tauchen (der beste Tauchplatz im Golf von Thailand)
  • Kaufen Sie nur ein, um Chumphon Pinnacle Night Dives anzubieten
  • 5 Trips pro Tag mit 2 Tauchgängen pro Trip
  • Freies Nitrox
  • Tauchkurse vom Anfänger bis zum Instruktor
  • Sail Rock mit jedem Tauchkurs (wetterabhängig)
  • 2 Tauchboote
  • 20 Jahre Erfahrung
  • Kostenlose Versicherung
  • Tauchzeiten außerhalb der Hochsaison

Beschreibung des Tauchzentrums

New Way Diving description

New Way Diving basic informations

New Way Diving wurde 1999 in einer kleinen Kokosnusshütte am Sairee Beach gegründet und hat sich in den letzten 20 Jahren weiterentwickelt. Mit dem Wachstum der Insel Koh Tao ist unsere Leidenschaft für das Tauchen in allen Teilen des Landes gewachsen.

Unsere 20-jährige Erfahrung in dieser Tauchbranche hat es uns ermöglicht, New Way Diving zur besten Tauchschule unter den anderen zu machen, da wir uns voll und ganz auf Kundenzufriedenheit und Schulung sowie auf die Umwelt konzentrieren.

Dieser positive Ansatz und die äußerst abwechslungsreichen Tauchpläne helfen uns sicherzustellen, dass alle unsere New-Way-Familien ihr Interesse am Tauchen behalten, was sich dann in unseren großartigen Trainingsprogrammen widerspiegelt.

Descrizione del Centro Immersioni in Italiano

Punti salienti del Centro Immersioni

New Way Diving highlights

  • Acquista solo per immergerti in Sail Rock Every Day (il miglior sito di immersione nel Golfo della Tailandia)
  • Negozio solo per offrire immersioni notturne a Chumphon Pinnacle
  • 5 viaggi al giorno con 2 immersioni per viaggio
  • Nitrox gratuito
  • Corsi di immersione dal principiante all'istruttore
  • Sail Rock con ogni corso di immersione (tempo permettendo)
  • 2 barche per immersioni
  • 20 anni di esperienza
  • Assicurazione gratuita
  • Tempi di immersione non di punta

Descrizione del centro immersioni

New Way Diving description

New Way Diving basic informations

Fondata nel 1999 in una piccola baracca di cocco sulla spiaggia di Sairee, la New Way Diving si è sviluppata negli ultimi 20 anni e, man mano che l'isola di Koh Tao è cresciuta, la nostra passione per le immersioni subacquee è nata dappertutto.

I nostri 20 anni di esperienza in questo settore subacqueo ci hanno permesso di rendere il nuovo modo di immergere il meglio tra le altre scuole di immersione, poiché ci concentriamo completamente sulla soddisfazione e la formazione dei clienti, oltre che nel rispetto dell'ambiente.

Questo approccio positivo e i programmi di immersione estremamente vari ci aiutano a garantire che tutta la nostra famiglia di immersioni nel nuovo modo mantenga il loro interesse per le immersioni subacquee, che si riflette poi nei nostri fantastici programmi di allenamento.

Descripción del Centro de Buceo en Español

Puntos destacados del Centro de Buceo

New Way Diving highlights

  • Solo compre para bucear Sail Rock Every Day (el mejor sitio de buceo en el Golfo de Tailandia)
  • Solo compre para ofrecer Chumphon Pinnacle Night Dives
  • 5 viajes por día con 2 inmersiones por viaje
  • Nitrox libre
  • Cursos de buceo desde principiante hasta instructor
  • Sail Rock con cada curso de buceo (si el clima lo permite)
  • 2 barcos de buceo
  • 20 años de experiencia
  • Seguro gratuito
  • Tiempos de inmersión fuera de las horas pico

Descripción del Centro de Buceo

New Way Diving description

New Way Diving basic informations

Fundada en 1999 en un pequeño Coconut Shack en Sairee Beach, New Way Diving se ha desarrollado en los últimos 20 años y, a medida que la isla de Koh Tao ha crecido, nuestra pasión por el buceo ha surgido en todo momento.

Nuestros 20 años de experiencia en esta industria del buceo nos han permitido hacer que el buceo de nueva manera sea el mejor entre las otras escuelas de buceo, ya que nos centramos por completo en la satisfacción y capacitación del cliente, así como en cuidar el medio ambiente.

Este enfoque positivo y los horarios de buceo extremadamente variados nos ayudan a asegurarnos de que toda nuestra familia de buceo de Nueva manera mantenga su interés en el buceo, que luego se refleja en nuestros excelentes programas de entrenamiento.

Description du Centre de Plongée en Français

Points forts du Centre de Plongée

New Way Diving highlights

  • Seul magasin pour plonger Sail Rock tous les jours (le meilleur site de plongée du golfe de Thaïlande)
  • Seul magasin à proposer des plongées nocturnes Chumphon Pinnacle
  • 5 voyages par jour avec 2 plongées par voyage
  • Nitrox gratuit
  • Cours de plongée du débutant à l'instructeur
  • Sail Rock avec chaque cours de plongée (si le temps le permet)
  • 2 bateaux de plongée
  • 20 ans d'expérience
  • Assurance gratuite
  • Temps de plongée hors pointe

Description du Centre de Plongée

New Way Diving description

New Way Diving basic informations

Fondée en 1999 dans une petite cabane à noix de coco sur la plage de Sairee, New Way Diving s'est développée au cours des 20 dernières années et au fur et à mesure que l'île de Koh Tao s'est développée, notre passion pour la plongée sous-marine s'est poursuivie tout au long.

Nos 20 ans d'expérience dans cette industrie de la plongée nous ont permis de faire de la plongée New Way le meilleur parmi les autres écoles de plongée alors que nous nous concentrons entièrement sur la satisfaction et la formation des clients, ainsi que sur la protection de l'environnement.

Cette approche positive et les horaires de plongée extrêmement variés nous aident à garantir que toute notre famille de plongeurs New Way conserve son intérêt pour la plongée sous-marine, ce qui se reflète ensuite dans nos excellents programmes de formation.